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  • Are there any commitments?

    No long terms contracts or commitments. You can cancel anytime.

  • Is it really unlimited?

    Yes, it is unlimited. You can request unlimited tasks and unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with your graphics request.

  • What if is send multiple graphic design requests ?

    We follow a queue system to help manage the tasks in our support ticket system. You can submit multiple tasks and they will be processed in the order they were received. Depending on your subscribed plan, we will pick up the number of tasks to work on. Keep in mind that the current task must be completed before we can work on the next task in the queue. Each revision counts as a new task.

  • How long do it take to complete a request?

    We work to get you items completed as fast as humanly possible. In general, we guarantee a turnaround time depending on the plan you are subscribed to. Please refer to your plan for more details. If a task exceeds this time frame. We will communicate to you the time required via our support system before we begin work on the request.

  • Are there any hidden fees?

    No hidden fees. The package price is exactly what you pay as per subscription. All taxes and fees are included in the subscription fees.

  • Why is a credit card required for signup ?

    We have a limited team of skilled graphic artists and want to make sure their time and talent is being put to good use. Which is why during sign up, we are simply authorizing the validity of the card. No amount is being charged to the card for the trial period. You can cancel anytime during the trial period and your credit card will not be charged. At the end of the trial period, your card will be charged for the subscription amount as per the package selected during sign up.

  • Can you adhere to brand & style guides?

    Yes, we can, as long as the brand & style guide provides specific requirements on colors, fonts, and sizes. We do not work with commercial or paid fonts. Paid font style will need to be provided by you.

  • What is Excluded?

    Although we strive to complete most request, Any request that includes heavy manipulation will be quoted a turn around time before we can start working on the task. If turn around time is agreed upon and approved for such tasks we will work on the task requested. Some graphics requests types that are excluded in our service are as follows. Programming or coding | 3D or Motion Graphics | Video Editing

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